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HAPAS Testing in Water-filled Potholes

By December 6, 2021No Comments

On a sunny day in July of 2011, EZ Street cold asphalt was put to the test. These applications were done in conjunction with HAPAS approval testing. Workers patched as many as twenty small potholes also filled in ‘cat’s eyes’ voids which was never done before in Ireland by a cold asphalt. The product was hand applied. Cold asphalt from EZ Street 22 kg bags was poured into the potholes. Hand tamps were used for compaction. The conditions were good, but some of the holes were full of water.

The EZ Street cold asphalt was applied directly into these water filled potholes, displacing the water. The asphalt patches shown were done in live traffic and trafficked immediately on N8 Old Cork to Dublin Road between Mitchelstown and Cahir. The subsequent traffic provided secondary compaction. HAPAS testing officials were very happy with the product’s performance.

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