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Railway Level Crossing Kildare

By December 6, 2021No Comments

This railway level crossing in Kildare, Ireland was in dire need of repair. Old rubber pads on either side of the crossing had worn out and made for a bumpy ride. EZ Street cold asphalt was used to replace the old rubber pads for the full width of the road at the railroad crossing. The application area was about 40 sq metres total and about 100 mm deep. The cold mix was applied in two 50 mm lifts. Wacker plates and a roller were used to compact the EZ Street cold asphalt. Mc Mahon Civil Engineering performed the asphalt repair on March 2, 2013. The contractor completed the work at night while the road was closed. It would have cost more than three times as much to complete this application with hot rolled asphalt from another contractor. Mc Mahon Civil Engineering is very happy with the result and are using EZ Street cold patch for other rail projects at the moment.

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